Last week Unni called from Sri Lanka. He was working in the tsunami hit areas in Tamil Nadu before shifting base to SL. According to him, there is utter chaos in terms of co-ordinating the relief efforts. State machinery response is slow, as usual.

Max and Satya are on their way to Chennai. Unni wants us to work on a ground reality site for information dissemation, like a “Tsunami Response Watch”. Initialy I thought I would go to Chennai to work on it, but since I can move more logistics from here, I decided to stay here for the time being.

There have been many sites that are giving out information about the tragedy and ways to help, most of them take their feeds from iNGO’s, and it is not unknown about international NGOs agenda bandwagons. The funds are not an issue, I hear. Let us see how much of the pledged money finally arrives.

So that’s where I have been for most part of the last 10-12 days, setting up a website that keeps an independant watch on the tsunami response in and around South India. You can go there from www.indiadisasters.org.