WordPress to Blogger

After some Googling, I figured that one cannot import from WordPress to Blogger. WP allows import from Blogger though. Looks like Blogger may loose some users due to this limitation. Dont they care at all?

I am keen to come back to Blogger because I like the easiness of post by email feature. WP also allows the user to do so, but it’s not so easy. And my WP is getting HTML insertion attacks lately.

Anyways, Blogger doesnt have categories and that is probably the reason why WP posts cannot be imported. From a user centered design pov, well, I see two solutions:

(1) Just ignore the category markups in the XML and file all under a default category. How difficult is that? At least I get to save my posts. I am happy.

(2) Happier solution: since Blogger allows tags to posts, file the category of a post while importing as a tag. After all, category and tag are the same thing.

I am trying an experiment by removing all the categories from my posts in WP and try import it into Blogger. Not sure if that would work. But not addressing interoperability sounds like a monopoly situation especially in a social networking model. Where are the Blogger researchers? Solve this problem for me, please.