Why I hate my cellphone

No, it is not because of the usual ‘doesnt-let-me-take-a-break’ complaint but its usability.

I have a Samsung C-100. It has some cool features like a tooltip, but the best feature is that it does NOT have the usual Korean dragon motif on its design! It has more European look and feel than any other Korean product, may be barring Hyundai Getz.

Well, to the usability part. In a certain input method, there should only be ONE right way to do a task. For example, copying text from an application is “Control+C” from the keyboard. You can select the text and right click also — but from the mouse. The point is, from the keyboard Control+C is ALWAYS copy.

In all cellphones, when SMSing, to get a “?” one need to press “1”. Samsung C-100 also does the same, but only in T9 mode. When in normal text mode, pressing the key “1” will not give you a “?”. I have no clue why! Sometimes I get really frustruated with it. This is only the beginning, C-100 is full of such unacceptable user experiences hidden amongst its cool features!

Well, it is not just Samsung, I have seen similar horrible usability in Nokia too. In cheaper models of Nokia, if you have to modify a number, you need to arrive at the number from “Edit” mode of the address book. If you just “Browsed” and reached the number, tough luck to you, you cannot modify the number!! Not connecting people well, you see.