Who remembers Holodeck73?

I tried to, but couldnt remember the first URL that I ever typed into the Netscape 2.0’s location bar (No, not netscape; It must have opened home.netscape by default).

But I do remember my first search: “graphic design”. And though I dont recall the result page, that’s where I really discovered the power of hyperlink. And amongst others, Holodeck73.

h73.com was one of the best design portals while I was growing up with the Internet (read mid 90’s). There were others like Project Cool or IPPA, but h73 was different. It was truly the inspirational launchpad as it called itself. I discovered many other great sites like Shift or PrayStation from h73. But in 2001 or so, the site was shutdown to make way for newstoday.com

After years, yesterday I was going through an old note and remembered the guy who was running h73, googled his name – Mat Mejia – and reached his current site, droppod.com. And through the second scroll, saw this once familiar winged logo. Archived there, was the last homepage of h73. That was nostalgic. It even sounds nostalgic – the last homepage of h73!

I wrote to Mat and said Hello. He said Hello too, but probably didnt know the background of my mail. Anyways, it paved a way to rediscover those very hyperlinks that I had once chanced upon on a results page. The next post looks like: “Design Links Update”