What happened to Farhan?

After a path breaking movie like Dil Chahta Hai, Farhan Akthar chose to direct papa Javed’s story of an aimless young man coming of age through his stinct with the army. It is a battered and recycled hindi movie concept, but since Farhan was doing it there was lot of hype around it. And they were so confident that they didnt even promote it like a normal movie.

His direction is quite average, he or the script doesn’t even attempt to develop any character but Hritik’s. But for a rock climbing scene, the army sequences are paper thin and outright silly. Most of the actors were wasted. The transformation is clueless, there is no focus, forget the glaring errors. Some scenes by part are good, but as a movie certainly a waste of time.

Even in DCH, the rift betweens characters was a light one, which would have been unacceptable in normal Bollywood terms. But the narration flow countered it well. In a pukka hindi movie like Lakshya, it doesn’t work. I think he should stick to (realistic) lifestyle movies… dil chahta hai.