Wedding in Trichur

If the month of April was hectic, the first 3 weeks of May cannot be described. I was on the last leg of my travel, this time to Trichur in Kerala for my sister’s wedding.

After the first 5 days home, I realised that I can be a good candidate for the next Himalayan Rally — I drove from 7am to 10pm almost everyday, taking detours on strange and uneven roads to unknown relatives’ (certainly unknown to me) houses, only to drive off again to another strange land.

I can tell you one thing: marriage planning is not a simple task. And by the time the wedding happened, I was thinking in terms of minutes (as in, what needs to be done in the next minute. Not after lunch or tomorrow). Probably a good experience for wannabe managers on time management 🙂

But when it was all over, to say that there was a big sigh of relief would be the greatest understatement I ever made, here or anywhere. But it feels great; It certainly feels great.

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    Luckily, I have two sisters. So I will mess up the first one and do the second one better 🙂

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