Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Kya?

The moment I saw “Item Girl – Maria Gorreti” in the opening titles, I had a hunch that this one would a interesting ride. Well, come to think of how I decided to rent this movie itself was an interesting one.

I was reading about Quentin on imdb.com and to my surprise saw a Hindi movie in his filmography. I was like, are you serious? It was part of the end credits (Thanks to: QT), but the movie had a few QT elements.

First the title – Waisa Bhi Hota Hai: Part II; It was first of its kind for a Hindi movie. The soundtrack was excellent as in all QT movies todate. Then the light, random (but yet connected) way of sub-stories threatening to merge at some point . Casual killings. Splashing limelight on unknown characters (remember The Bonnie Situation?). Director’s brief cameo and ofcourse, the natural acting. There were a few words about the Japanese mafia as well, just to make the viewer doubly sure 🙂

Prashant Narayan, who played the killer in distress, is a find (and that is an under statement). I fail to understand how Arshad Warsi failed to make a big mark in Bollywood (notwithstanding Maria Goretti and Munnabhai). There may have been some disconnect or bad flow in scene times/ sequences towards the end, and some disappointment in the initial story build-up, but this one was one of the “real” hadke crossover movies. Excellent (4.5/5)

Not to miss: The song, “Allah ke bande”; Trivia: Director Shashanka Gosh was the creative director of MTV and [V]