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Two months — lots of interesting things happened in the last two months. So many reams of paper were wasted writing about those. From the Oscars to the Cricket World Cup. From Shilpa Shetty (again) to the wedding of the year. From Reawakening of the Sensex to Global warming.

But I didnt write one word about any of these. Oscars were close to heart — Martin finally took one home. Infact, he took a couple home. Little Miss Sunshine, just like Sideways did a few years ago, took the best original screenplay. Lots of movies. As usual we sat down and covered all the movies running for Oscars. Lots of them.

Then India’s flop show in an equally flopped World Cup — goes on to prove that without the unpredictable India or Pakistan, cricket has no charm. Take that, Malcom Speed and the rest of the racisit pretenders that sit on the game.

Ah, racism! Shilpa Shetty’s backyard. She managed to get into the news again, this time planning a detailed hug and kiss scene (it looked like molestation to me) with Richard Gere. Moral police got into the streets, and got some warrants issued against Gere and the Sh*tty girl. And yes, Aaj Tak was there covering every bit of the angle and rerunning the scene assisting Bajarang Bal leaders to tell us what is right and what is not. (The character of a man is what he does when the lights are switched off. I would like to know what these leaders do/did to become leaders in the first place).

But then, luckily (not sure for whom), Ash and Abishek decided to get married. Thank god, some relief from the circus. Did I say that too soon? For, the circus just continued, in another form. As they say energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Janvi or Janki claimed that she is married to the boy but she didnt know his phone number or email address, some press folks who tried to shove their lenses into Bachchan’s gates (no pun intented) got beaten up, all pilgrims were asked to wait in 45C of heat outside the temple when Bachchans decided to visit Tirupati and more protests on that; And yes, Aaj Tak covered that all as well. Every inch of it.

Stock market in the country went to sleep, woke up, only to sleep again. Looks like it is waking up yet again. I shelved my plans of investing in the market. Well I tried earlier, but didnt get a single share in the Mindtree IPO. Damn. But good thing, I put that money into a property. Hopefully that will work out better in the long run. Touchwood.

More news: I quit smoking. Pune temperature hit 42C, highest in a long time. The road works started. Lets see if they survive the rains. I met a very old friend online, where else, Orkut.

But I never got to write. Not that what I write is unputdownable stuff. I guess it will atleast increase my typing speed. LOL. But the truth is, suddenly everything else became trivial. They still are, aint it? When will Shilpa or Janvi not be trivial? As someone said, “Dont sweat the small stuff, coz they are all small stuff”. But for one. But for one.