Two Crabs

                            Common by birth,
                            stars on ascent
                            ruled their deeds all.

                            Fell in love
                            ever so often
                            And we bore
                            the burden of
                            cruelty, weeping,
                            for nobodys' sake.

                            No complaints.

                            Known traits, for
                            long ignored,
                            brewed out of nowhere
                            as dark specs of
                            clouds on a sun
                            and never rained off
                            or disappeared.

                            They hung on
                            to our necks as
                            power ties do --
                            mocking a wide
                            tongue and long talks
                            crushing us to
                            the close of ground,
                            preaching loud.


                            Open the eyes
                            Grass is green
                            and would remain so
                            unless you choose to
                            Nightmares never end
                            Nothing changes
                            except change.