The film captures the life of a transsexual who is awaiting his operation to become a woman. A forgotten story from the past (his son from a ‘lesbian’ relation in his neighborhood) comes back to his life. He has to take care of the past before becoming a woman, which takes him on a trip across America with his son.

Rarely do such movies – simple story telling, what I call the European craft- come out of the US (see my post below). It is one of the more sensitive movies that I have seen in quite some time.

Felicity Huffman should get a nomination for best actress (yes, it a woman who portrayed the role of Stanley/Bree, which takes away some of the chances of a nomination, but she was GOOD – full marks)

It’s Duncan Tucker’s first film, and though the ending was mildly disappointing, for me it is a truly amazing debut. (9/10)