The Theory of 90% Storytelling

Currently reading Roald Dahl’s short stories, I see a lot of similarity in his and M Night’s style of storytelling. Both of them directly jump into the main plot without spending much time on the introduction, and so are their climaxes (they just trail off so fast!)

I am tempted to call this The 90% Storytelling. It is an interesting thought (or theory, or rule – Sinoj’s Theory of 90% StoryTelling). Basically, one need to leave out 5% of intro and 5% of climax. Leave them to the readers/viewers. Come to think of it, it is a better way of involving the audience than what Syd Field proclaims!

PS: David Lynch has mastered the art of 60% Storytelling (LOL), so I have no intention of calling my silly thought a break through idea or some such thing, FYI.