The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Dont get any ideas with tattoo and girl, or the dragon 🙂 The original title of the Swedish book/movie – Män som hatar kvinnor – is a spoiler, so it’s good they changed the name for the worldwide release.

The main story is about a middle aged investigative journalist hired to probe a disappearance that happened 40 years ago. The parallel track is about the punk girl who helps in the search. And how they make unlikely partners during the detective journey. But the real story is about the darkness surrounding each character. The mystery is exceptionally well handled till the can-figure-out point. Then it slips a bit into the clichéd genres, but thankfully doesn’t follow the beaten path to the end.

Enhancement to some of the sub-plots may look unnecessary on hindsight. But I am told that the novel is written that way. Some of the scenes are not for the weak hearted, but the movie is a must watch (8/10)