Suicide Walkers

Driving on these roads have become quite energy sapping. And now that the rains are back, the damn potholes have disappeared again. Only this time, under water. And since most of the motorists drive like politicians (they both don’t care about the aam junta & splash muddy water on them), people now walk on the roadside of the water filled potholes than the pavement side.

So every time you are behind the wheel, you need to worry about the potholes, the water, the people and of course other vehicles. If earlier you used to check 3 mirrors while looking ahead, now you have to, in addition, look down in front, sideways and wherever else. I have stopped taking the car out to work. I take a rick. Now I am like a senior politician — I piggy ride on someone who treats people like they don’t exist, if they are not paying for your ride.

Oh, what about suicide walkers? The way some people walk on the road, it looks like their mission’s sole purpose is to get killed while doing it. Much like a suicide bomber. Just popped up in my mind today as I was driving to the airport to see a friend off. Suicide walker!! Should be entered into the dictionary, at least the Indian one. What say?

  • Anonymous

    I call them ass walkers, because they usually stroll on the road with their ass towards oncoming traffic.

    Visions of Carmageddon dance before my eyes as I fancy driving right through them.

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