Spontaneous vs Analytical

Shashank and I were just talking about using paper sketches as THE first form of designs, than sitting on a comp and making them/ typing the ideas down. The point in discussion was the method adapted by the two fresh out of school designers who were ‘comfortable’ doing it directly on the comp. Well, we brushed the debate aside by saying we were old school, and may be they find it easier. But I was wondering about it even after I got home.

The scribbling is done with your hand which is part of your own system, while using a keyboard/mouse requires some processing and use of an alien system. The former, I felt was more hands-on. When one uses a different system to note down/sketch the ideas, isn’t one processing the idea to align to the systems? Wouldnt that make the idea, not raw?

In such people – the analysts, who get used to expressing ideas after processing would it be possible to accept ideas before processing? If you process an input before it reaches you, then can you sense the pure idea/problem? Can you feel the problem?

I think if one can take raw input then one can give raw output. Some may call such people spontaneous, or mavericks. Such people work on intuition or depend on their senses to feel everything raw. I am not saying that this type is better than the other, but aren’t we all trying to classify something or the other into baskets? So here is my contribution.

I can see a comment coming: Both these characteristics are necessary to build the well designed world and can/will co-exist. I agree.