Shilpa Sh*tty

I was not going to waste pixel space or my time on this so-called racist incident (and the aftermath). Any sane person can see that this was a gimmick. Who knew what Big Brother was before? Who cared where Shetty had disappeared (but for some front benchers who missed her supple hips and elastic waist)?

But it defenitely helped me gauge which are the better reporters, channels and newspapers. Something which I realised I always knew. It is an inherent human nature to be able to separate what is good and what is bad. Aaj Tak doesnt fall into either — they have created a new definition for ulterior trash, so far the worse of the lot. If you watched for the whole day the pictoral drawings depicting when and where Aishwarya and Abhishek got engaged, you would know what I am saying. The nation best news channel it seems! Bah! Oh, BTW, NDTV/Barkha, et tu?

Coming back to the Shetty girl. What tipped me off was her statement after winning the show (Yes, I am jelous that she made 5cr from the show; I am more jealous that the entire nation gave her one week of attention than 15 minutes, forget the book deal and movie offer from Fox). Anyways, she says:

“I really dont want to leave England putting anyone in trouble. This country has given me so much. I just want to thank all of Great Britain for giving me this fanfastic opportunity to make my country proud”

What? I dont believe this. What is this girl made of? What does she think of herself? England has given her so much? She made India proud? Can somebody put an end to this nonsense? She has made her millions, so has the show organizers, the whole of the nations were fooled, the mission accomplished. Now please stop this.

Thankfully, only Aaj Tak reported the proud winning moment. Was that a live feed? Probably. They anyway seem to have nothing good to do. I pity the guy who makes those animation graphics for Aaj Tak. Poor guy. When someone asks him, he has to say that I do trash for a living. Poor guy.