Rabbi is Sold Out!

I chanced upon Rabbi Shergill’s Bulleh! Ki Jaana Maen Kaun on MTV the other day. In these times of senseless bangras and noises called remixes, I havent heard such a simple and original song! (More about the 18th century Sufi poet Bulleh Shah)

I tracked the song down and listened to it the second time. I understood not a single word he was singing, but the music was so haunting that I loved it. No song has touched me like this since Brothers In Arms.

I rushed to a music store to pick this album, but it was sold out. I tried another, and it was sold out there as well. The same was the case at four other big music shops. Sold out! He truly deserves it (Read the Triumph of Will story in Tehelka)

If you havent listened to it yet, go listen, NOW. No excuses. And tell me if it didnt touch you, I really would like to know how you felt.