Oscar Rejects

Of the three movies I watched over weekend, two, I am told, failed to reach the Foreign Language category at the Oscars.

One, The Band’s Visit, failed to get nomination because more than 50% of the dialogues were in English! I found that rule silly – how else will Egyptians talk to Israelis? It is a simple story of how a police band from Egypt, invited to play in an Arab cultural porgramme in Israel gets stuck in a wrong town for a night. Brilliant direction, considering the bleak situation with a bleak desert background. It should have got an entry. Well, Oscar isn’t everything, right?

Second one is Akin’s ‘The Edge of Heaven‘. Interwoven stories of Turkish immigrants in Germany, and some German folks in Turkey all of them are connected by some thread. Sounds like Babel? Not so overdrawn, this was a bit smaller. The movie revolves around 3 families, and mainly about parent-child relations. The characters were beautifully developed, and the most interesting aspect of engaging audience in the story was the chapter titling. It plainly said, A’s death or B’s death. And in the chapter, we get introduced to A or B, and since we know their fate, the entire sequence becomes a little edgy. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. The third chapter is the title of the movie, were the parents/ children realise that ultimately the bond transcends across languages, or cultures, or fate!

Dont miss either of them.

Ah, the third, another not to miss movie, is a new French thriller, Tell No One. Finally, a good thriller with an original story. Will write later about that. Check the link for details. Or may be, just catch it up. The more one reads about a thriller, less intriguing it becomes, right?