One Day’s Salary

“We have built this institute by drawing money from one day’s salary of police staff in Maharashtra. Central government’s grant was paltry”, officer in charge of the Central Police Research Wing in Pune (Pune Times May 29, 2004).

And how much does that come to? Five crores! That is close to 2000 crores for one year. Put that in perspective — the money allotted (mind you, not *spent*) for relief activities last year was 77 crores!!

2000 crores of taxpayers money is the salary of the cops in Maharashtra! Let it sink in. Two-frigging-thousand crores!

To come back to the 5 crore institute, how many research programmes are happening there? Hardly 5! And how many are using the high-gloss club house’s sauna and pool? 150! Way to go Jack, way to go!