Mother Sitting

My sister is having a baby, and I am in Kerala. And I am to stay home as my BIL will have to take leave from work later. Now, the rule is that I am not allowed to go farther than 15 minutes away from home. So I am kind of finishing all the small stuff that I never had time for earlier. Such as reading old novels, scripts, catching up on Mallu movies of the last 2-3 years, migrating the tsunami response project to wordpress and eating!! I will write about some, soon. (The wait is still on. The baby is expected today. Fingers crossed. God bless.)

  • Sinoj Mullangath

    Born at 18:34 on March 25 weighing 3100gm, it’s a boy.

  • Aniket Anikhindi

    Congratulations new Mamashri!

  • ani sharma

    did i tell you that i too got a second boy…born jan 20

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