I quite liked the way some ‘English’ movies worked in the last few years. A little bit off beat, but not too English, if you know what I mean (from Smoking Barrels to Young Adams)

One of such filmmakers is Dan Boyle (Trainspotting, 28 Days Later). IMO, movies are all about character development, and he does a good job at that. So when I found a Dan Boyle movie with leading character played by a 7 year old, I thought it would be interesting.

Millions is the story about two young brothers who move into a new place after their “mum’s dead”. The younger one lives in a world of fantasies, talks with saints and spends his time in his playhouse next to a rail track. One day he gets a duffle bag full of money from “god”, and the story is about what the two boys do with it and the consequences.

As one critique put it — “Too cute for adults, and too complex for kids. But nevertheless a gem of a movie”. Ditto.