Microsoft is now searching

They are big, and done it before (remember Netscape?), but I am not too convinced. In their attempt to beat Google and Yahoo, the big fat liar is getting into searching. Check their beta search at:

I think they got scared by the desktop search tool by Google which is just amazing! It may have small security issues, but hell, what a great search! Digging up old mails used to be a _real_ pain earlier, but a breeze now. If you havent seen it working, go now and download it.

Coming back to MSN Search, I did a small test. I tried the same keywords on Yahoo, Google and MSN. MSN returned much less results than Y/G. Especially in the case of image search. Are they better results? I dont think so. It was, may be one-third?. May be they are still indexing the web. Let’s see.