M for Maggi

Casino Royale is being claimed as the “Batman Begins” of 007 movies. Going back in time, rediscovering the early stages of the career of the agent. It does have more emotions than the last 5 of them put together, and Daniel Craig proves lot of people wrong with his acting – this Bond at least show some signs of heart. The hairy chest is missing as some one said, but he is near perfect.

But for a normal fan, lots of things are missing: the gadgets, the chases, the sidekicks, the dames, the theme music – *all* of it. All of it. Screenplay is pretty boring and loose for its story line (which itself isn’t very compelling), and even worse than those ones that didn’t have any. But action sequences are more raw, and you have to see to believe. As usual, the opening stunt (5/5), and the one on the stairs stand out.

But at the end, you don’t leave the theater in awe like after Batman Begins, where also the hero was dissected and explored through the action sequences. First day first show is expensive, add to that the caramel corns, and the what-ness of the movie made me cancel the dinner plans and settle for a pack of Maggi. M was good.

(The world say 4.5/5, I say 3/5)