Life takes over

My friend, newly married, didn’t know how to accomodate cooking into their life. They both hadn’t cooked in their lives, were both working, had to travel 45 minutes to work (in different directions), hated hotel or packet food, and on top of these, it was an arranged marriage. Suddenly they had too much to handle, but you have to eat, right? So they sat down just a few days after marriage to figure out a plan.

The husband had an early morning shift at the factory and had to leave before 7AM to work, she an hour later. So they decided to get up around 5 in the morning and cook for the day. For a few days, both of them did. The husband would chop vegetables and the wife would cook.

But the early morning cooking, the day’s work, the travels and romantic evenings were taking a toll on them. Getting up at 5AM was tough. And then you had to work. By the second week, the husband became an observer in the process, by thrid, only extended moral support from the bedroom. Guilty, he found another solution.

He would chop the vegetables after dinner and keep it in the fridge. So, he didn’t have to get up. Voila! He slept well, without feeling guilty of not taking part in the now 5:45AM process. But not for long. With the wife getting up everyday, he feared that his extended sleep might affect the romance.

So he suggested the best solution — cook at night and refrigerate it! The mornings were normal again, hence the days and the nights. Smiles were back on their faces.

An year later they moved closer to one of the work places and saved some more time. Come home for dinner, he would call up and say. All the well set plans went for a toss when they decided to have a baby. It was a new plan all over again – life does take over!