Knowing Cage

It must be recession. Nicolas Cage is in big trouble. He needs a lot of money, and just acts in any movie that gets him his paycheck. If Leaving Las Vegas was iconic, all his recent ones – treasures, paycheck (how apt!), seeing future, and now this one, seeing future disasters, all are bordering silliness and boredom.

Actually, they are pretty good for cheap thrills. Knowing has some build up, but then the core story changes track midway and it becomes “The day earth stood still”. In the end, much of the movie seems a waste of time. And it is a 2.5 hour movie. Then of course the US angle to everything, and vague explanations.

I think it started off as a nice idea, but the director couldnt get to close it well. Reco? Strictly once over, if you have nothing else to do.