Is design someone’s forte?

These questions were taken from an HCI discussion group: Who can make a good designer? What is the process of making a designer? They were raised in connection with IITG’s Bachelor of Design program.

All of the members agree that artists and designers require a different aptitude than for technology. But then how can anyone clearing Joint Entrance Exam for IIT – a tough physics, chemistry, mathematics test – join a design program? Is BDes yet another degree? Some designers scoffed at this selection process. Some defended it sighting a name or two. I hope they dont take the flame bait 🙂

While there can always be exceptions (systems will always have some mavericks who fall through unhurt), this brought a good thought into play: The process determines the average value and the perception. This average can dip if the process is not in place, or is not right. We need to push for the right process, and not take exception for a rule.

This is true not just for design, but for anything else in life. I am not sure if you see it, but I do — for me after all, design in life.