Income Tax & Country

About 55% of India lives under poverty, as per Tim Sebastain. Another 20% are poor, that means 25% of the population is all that’s left when the government gets out to collect taxes. Simple logic? Wrong! My guess is <5%, the rest are business men (I heard that business women do pay their taxes) who do not pay anything. I have seen many businessmen who are looking out for chances not to pay up.

And we, the stupid law abiding fools say nothing and keep paying taxes silently, expressing frustration in lunchrooms or at a smoke break. Discussions go like — that politician in Bhosale Nagar, just bought a Terracan, which is his 8th car and BTW, all of them white in color spotting the number 1 on plates. Is he paying any taxes as per his income? I will bet my foot that he is not, and never will. And the great government will not do anything about it, I am betting my other foot on that.

Atleast the system has assured that I will be walking.

Footnote: “Unless waste and ostentation in Government spending are avoided, or eschewed, no amount of moral sermons would change people’s attitude to tax avoidance.” — Justice Sabyasachi Mukherjee at