Hits and Misses

Crash winning a few including the best picture. I didn’t expect it, as academy prefers ‘sagas’ than stories. For me Brokeback wasn’t a great movie. For example, replace one guy with a girl and the movie becomes pretty ordinary. Success of storytelling is in making you want to watch the movie over and over again, Brokeback definitely doesn’t fall into that category. But with Crash, I can watch it 10 times in a row. But I still didn’t expect it to win the best picture. And Crash also got the best screenplay. Like Sideways, I love an underdog winning.

But for a few disappointments — Matt not winning for Crash, or Felicity not getting the best actress for Transamerica being the top ones — everything went as expected. All special effects & sounds to King Kong, Camera & Art to Geisha. Hoffman’s speech as Best actor was stupid, and Resse was so silly and childish. The best speech was by the guys who made March of the Penguins, and Director of Tsotsi, best foreign language film.

I am disappointed that Felicity didn’t win the best actress. I had predicted that though Felicity should, the one thing that could go against her is that it was a woman who played the role of woman trapped in a male body. But looking at the other nominees I was fairly sure that she would. Resse of all the people?? Come on.

One thing I always wanted to ask — What did George Clooney do in Syrianna to win the best supporting actor? Yes, his facial expressions when his nails were being plucked out were good – LOL – but seriously, did I miss something in that movie that made him win the Oscar and the Globe? I am disappointed that Matt didn’t win for Crash, but I am more disappointed that Clooney won.

Another disappointment (little too old to mention) was that Begin the Beguine didn’t even get a nomination for best song (and they nominated only 3 songs this year). I thought Sheryl Crow was outstanding in that song. And who wins it? 3-6 Mafia for a rap song. Ha, give me a break. Dont they have an exclusive category at the Grammy’s?