Happy for Spielberg

Almost all his movies (combined gross collection higher than any other director in the history, barring none, including inflation) depicted the fight between big vs small, and the victory of the latter. Take Duel, Jaws, ET or Jurassic Park, they all had humans pitted against the impossible bigs.

While Indiana Jones Trilogy (soon to be Quadra) continued the trend of adventure like in his other movies, it also showed a humor angle to his story telling. Which took a backseat as he directed Schindler’s List or Saving private Ryan and finally winning the Oscars that he richly deserved.

Things changed after that: his movies became sort of medleys, not in a compartmental form, but conceptually. The big and small theme continued, but in a very subtle way. It was more of man versus man, or man versus system. The backdrop, instead of being the highlight became what it is supposed to be, the backdrop to the story. Be it the Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can or the latest, The Terminal.

Terminal also has the theme of man versus the state/situation. But here he doesnt take the fight, but lives through it. Critics may have termed the movie a no-go, but that happens when you have such a reputation and they expect you to make movie in the format they have set for you. But I am happy for Spielberg, the movie was light and touchy, and most of all, current.