“Great Homes”

I googled precisely that – “great homes” in images. I was looking for something less disturbing than the Indian scorecard (Well, they went on to win, but that was later).

I was looking for interesting houses. It is my exercise on visualization: I look at unknown things and try to visualize what is inside/beneath, here in this case, the plan and interiors. Works great for houses, and it is fun. Sometimes I look at a house on the screen and walk into it. People call it different things. FBI might call it profiling, an engineer might call it analysing, a doctor might call it something else, but it sure is fun.

But the post is not about ‘that’. It is about the results. Of the 900 odd results, on random sampling, atleast 60-70% were pictures of dogs or cats. And 100% of such reults are homes in America. I dont know what to conclude about it, but I thought it was interseting enough for a post.