Girls say no to bearded men!

It seems, in a study done about facial hair on men, the researchers found that beard gives men a improper look which 80% of the girls between 18-25 do not like. They think that bearded men are not reliable and/or nice. There are some measurable terms used in the study, but I dont remember them. And to top of all this, even men think that bearded fellows are not exactly their fellows. The only respite was from women of older age groups (25-35) who thought that men with beard are no less proper than those without.

Reading the report, one might think that many top honchos must be reaching for their old razors, like Steve Jobs did. But I hear that most intelligent men have brushed the study aside. (For the record, I am keeping mine). If you want to know, it has nothing to do with the fact that the study was funded by a company called Gillette.