Gender Equality

According to CP Surendran, gender equality exists in the higher societies, as in, the dog and the bitch gets the same biscuits! All this while.

I was browsing through the latest Femina at the dentist and paused on CP’s name. What’s he doing in Femina? Anyways, if one thought that the issue is with the lower societies, it apparently is not. Scientists have discovered that this faster growth of humans as compared to other animals is due to the fact that we chose to split the workload between genders — men to hunt and get food, women to grunt and feed the family.

I am sure we are not the only species to settle into this arrangement. On cosmetic difference, I think lions are better example than men. But having started writing for Femina now, I think CP definitely is trying seed some thoughts into the women of substance.

  • SP

    Wish if we were like lions. Women do hunting, breeding and raising. All men do is to eat and screw.

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