Film making – the real story

Just finished watching “Talk to her” by Almodovar. It is a (Spanish) movie about two men who are taking care of their women who are in a coma, and the friendship that develops between them. It is also about communication and loneliness. The movie flows on two levels, one, their friendship and then their relationships with the women as the undercurrent.

What strikes on another level (just like the movie) is the vast difference in the ways Europeans make their movies than say, Americans. The European films (if you like/tend to watch foreign language films, you know what I mean) are about daily life. Subtle incidents woven into a story which is simple and leaves something warm inside of you. One needs to see, notice and watch life to do something like that with conviction, which of course the Americans lack. Their priorities in life seem vastly different. They have a solution for everything in the world, including the tension in the middle east, but not for their day to day problems. Reason why their movies, for example Kauffman’s, are very complex. The simpleness of a “Life is beautiful” or “Jamon Jamon” or “Amelie” is hard to find in the ones that come off that shore.

  • Mind Curry

    the last british movie i saw was “maybe baby” and i loved it a lot. catch it some time.

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