Eliminate the Blind Spot

Found a very useful article about how to use the side mirrors to eliminate the blind spot.

This may not quite “eliminate” the blind spot(s) but it sure makes them small enough so that a car cannot fit there. But as a friend pointed out, a two wheeler _can_ fit in the little blind spot you still have. It is always recommended to have a quick glance over your shoulders while changing lanes, even when using this trick.

This is a must do. I have seen well educated well to do people drive with both or left mirror folded in. I guess, to save the 180/- of a mirror repair cost, in case a2 wheeler knocks it down? Well, education and sense doesnt always go hand in hand, right?

My mirrors are always open, (a) to see what’s behind me and (b) if someone’s gonna squeeze through the free space, then they are gonna do it with the ‘mirror’ as the reference, not the ‘door’

  • Mind Curry

    talking about education and sense, i wondered which one i was lacking! day before night, a biker, while overtaking from the wrong side crashed into my skodas side rear view. the mirror cracked! but he just sped away. luckily, i didnt see it crack, so praying i wont have bad luck for “next seven years”!! and yesterday, act II, a palio did the same thing and his mirror hit mine. now theres not much left of the mirror. summary: lives saved. cost approx 6k! ofcourse, there are some things money cant buy..

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