Efter Brylluppet (or After The Wedding)

Jacob, Dutch, works with an orphanage in Mumbai. A prospective donor, a millionaire calls him to Netherlands to discuss funds for the project. The rich man wants to know more about the project but is busy with his daughter’s marriage. He invites Jacob to the wedding. Jacob reluctantly agrees.

At the wedding, Jacob runs into someone from his past that brings out a big family secret which threatens to shake everyone’s world. After the wedding, he is torn between his love for orphanage (and his adopted son there) and call of duty. Movie is all about his situations, decisions and reasons.

Brilliant acting by everyone – Jacob, the millionaire, his wife and especially the daughter, absolutely fantastic. The cinematography method of extreme closeup to get deeper emotions from people’s faces was sometimes jarring and definitely flow breaking, but works great. It has some clichéd moments, but the movie is a short workshop on how to build a scene, the players, situation, dialogues and its impact on story.

Loved it. (9/10)