Dreamworks (1-0) Disney

Are fish so interesting to make movies about them? That too two in a row? Guess so. After the Nemo last year, it is a Shark’s Tale now. Though Disney works more (and better) on the emotion levels, I hadn’t completely liked Finding Nemo. But it is a different tale here (by DreamWorks, and they score over Disney here)

Shark’s Tale is a rocking winner!! The picturization of characters, and matching of the voices are out of the world (well, it _is_ not this world, is it?) Will Smith is incredible, the Shark – the don – that De Nero voiced almost looked like him! So was Angelina Jolie or Rene, so real. The film is not completely without issues: it wasn’t really a shark’s tale and that lack of focus shows in the ending, as well as the sub plots. But,

If you like Animations, go watch it. If you loved the Shreks, you will love this too! If you liked Nemo, you will adore this one. If you didn’t like Nemo, you still will love this one.

  • Anonymous

    its quite obvious why fish are a great theme for an animation film. for one, the underwater setting is full of infinte possibilties. each object under the sea can be made use of…you can’t do that in a sky — if you considered making an animation film around birds — or under ground… its too borring. the deep blue sea with its riveting range of beautiful things can make any film rock!

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