District B13

You thought the opening, super fast free running action sequence of Casino Royale was cool? You thought Jackie Chan does it with more finesse? Apparently you haven’t watched B13. It is a French movie with almost non-stop action (not thoughtless – it is no Shoot ’em Up, I mean). The stunts are not free running, but Parkour. Wikipedia says that free running was derived out of Parkour.

Plot : In near future Paris, bad elements become so difficult to manage that govt makes a separate walled district for affected areas called B13. B13 has no schools, cops, no control. When someone in B13 steals a nuclear bomb, a cop has to be sent in to diffuse the bomb. You need a guide (David Belle, founder of Parkour! as Leito) to know B13. So these odd guys team up reluctantly. Sounds like a typical Bollywood pot boiler setup, but the fun is in the execution. Most pulse racing 90 minutes of your life, guaranteed. Watch it if you liked Transporter, Taxi (French), Smoking Aces, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Lucky Number Slevin.

BTW, Akshay’s Thumbs Up ad and Saif’s Royal Stag ad uses free running sequences, so does Madonna’s music video Hung Up.