Cup-holders, anyone?

Do you know what women look for as the top (buying) feature in a vehicle? According to a survey done by GM in the US, it is the number of cup-holders. The more the cup-holders, the more they want to buy the car. And the reason stated was safety, when traveling with kids. Airbags and crumble zones didnt even appear in the top 10 features!?

A friend wants to sell his almost new mobile phone that he bought for his wife because she wants to buy a clam-shell model. First of all, I can’t understand how he can buy something for her without asking her what she wants. Anyways, that got me thinking of why women prefer clam-shell models.

IMO, the clam-shell mobile, provides (a feel of) more privacy. It’s like, “Why expose my screen to anyone?” It could also be that women see the entire activity of opening it, answering it, and closing it, is a form of ‘real’ closure to a conversation.

But it may not be entirely related to the x-factor. For anything that they do, human beings look for the “feel” of safety, if not safety. One big reason why Ford Explorer with 80 accidental deaths per million vehicles outsells Camry which has only 40 deaths/million. You will see more men in an Explorer, so we cant deduce a theory here.

But the cup-holder thing is true. It is a fact that more Camrys are bought by women than men, and it has 8 cup-holders! Touche.