Someone recommened this movie to me with a punch – “The next one, after Traffic and American Beauty”. Not a bad thing for a guy who is making his first movie.

Everyone has a good and a bad side, and the one thing that takes them from one to another is fear, or prejudice. That’s how I could describe the movie in one line. The racial angle, the one factor for which the movie will be known for –like American History X, was overplayed, I think.

The story telling was interwoven, but with too many plots, it looked deliberate and not subtle. Which also meant that (though the script is pretty tight), some characters couldnt find a way to the screen for long gaps. But it is something that no one has attempted amongst the Spidermans and X2. Well what, I even liked Sandra Bullock. And yes, a must watch is the answer.

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    Speaking of interwoven stories, Magnolia is recommended.

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