Conference: Pros and Cons

It is about the India HCI conference in Bangalore, and thank god it’s over. Well, it was the first such conference, so one can forgive the nature of the content and say, it took off at the very least. Yes, but I cannot stand the condecending Brits giving a lecture on what needs to be done, or what happened in their country (the operative word being, giving).

And I dont fully blame them, if you go by the standards of papers presented at the conference workshops! I dont blame the students either, the programmes committee should have gone through the abstracts a little bit more in detail, is that too much to ask? Some presentations were outright silly. Wasted my time.

But there were three gains/realisations: (1) Indian Design/HCI researchers when not looking at the west for 40 year old ideas, are all game to get the Indian farmers a gmail account; (2) I met with a lot of old friends and had a ball; (3) And that even if you are not a writer, if you do not keep writing, it is quite hard to get back.