‘Change’ your car music!

MP3 CD changers are available in India, but they cost about 12-16k, be it SONY or Kenwood. And the Pioneer HDD player costs a bomb ($1500), which is the cost of some used cars here 🙂

So what is your option? What about Kenwood KHD-C710? This component connects to the normal CD changer input of your headunit and plays like one. Only, it has a 10GB cartridge that is removable, which plugs on to your computer through a desktop cradle (USB port)! And the street price is about $200!! (9k). It works with only Kenwood head units, but you can get any Kenwood cassette player (like a 389) for 3k and that’s it – start rocking!

  • Arun

    I have a simple solution for this problem of `should i change the radio in my car to include an an MP3 player?’ I am assuming that you have some kind of mobile MP3 solution (like an MP3 player that doubles as a storage device — brands like Coco and iPod) alredy or won’t mind investing in one. Now, simply get an FM broadcaster ($30 or so, Belkin makes a lovely one), plug it into the MP3 player and tune your car radio to the FM broadcast. This way you don’t have messy CDs to burn or carry either.

    The beauty is that you can then use the same combination (MP3 player and FM broadcaster) in your friend’s car, at his home, in the gym and practically anywhere, as long as a radio is around.

  • Sinoj Mullangath

    Yeah, I remember reading about it in your blog sometime ago. For distances of 10-15 ft, the Belkin FM broadcaster is quite an amazing product!

    BTW, I have an MP3/WMA player in the car. So I am not looking to buy this one, but this product sounded too cool and is amazingly priced that I thought I will let people know 🙂

    Where are you? No posts for a while?

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