October Movies

1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind: Excellent (not intimidating) concept, and very tricky to handle. Beautifully directed. Story about two lovers peeved off with each other, trying to erase their memories of each other. During the process, in their memories they realize that they are making a mistake. They try to run way and hide in unexplored memory and cheat the process. Needs patience, not for the casual movie goer for sure. Jim Carrey definitely would get nominated for this one. (5/5)

2. Man on Fire: I rented the movie because of Dakota Fanning (and, yes, Denzel). It could have been a John Woo movie, the plot is such, and Tony Scott’s swoosh visuals and overlays could have made it a Matrix genre. But the script spends time on the characters, even small ones, and gives a very indulging feel to the movie. Denzel should get a nomination (4.5/5)

3. In America: It is a story about how an Irish family migrated to the US is building a new life after the loss of their third child to brain tumor. The story is told from the first daughter’s perspective amongst poverty and hardship. The sisters (in real life too) are outstanding. Amazing story telling and very gripping style of direction. If you are interested in independent films, this one is a must watch. (5/5)

4. Collateral: Typical Michael Mann structure and storytelling. Not anywhere close to Heat, but if you liked its story and script, watch this one. I see a lot of similarities with the kind of roles that Tom Cruise is doing, with Indian actors Kamal Hasan and Aamir Khan. (Guess, great actors will always have something in common). Tom’s last line in the movie is just brilliant script writing in terms of closure (4/5)


I cant believe I never watched this movie in full, till today. Every time I caught it while surfing the channels, I always wished I could catch it from beginning. And after all these years, I watched the movie tonight.

It wasn’t about winning, thankfully. It was about love and life. Tom Hanks was outstanding in the scene when he walks out on to the street from Denzel’s office – he deserved the Oscar for that alone. Cannot forget the opera scene, especially Denzel’s reactions. Demme is one of the best director when it comes to telling an underlying story.

Rita Kempley of Washington Post said what I want to: “It’s less like a film by Demme than the best of Frank Capra. It is not just canny, corny and blatantly patriotic, but compassionate, compelling and emotionally devastating.”

Immortals by Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone has released an all time list of 50 greatest artists.

While I am very happy that they have “finally” included Little Richard, and the likes of Janis Joplin, and guys like Jerry Lewis or Jimi Hendrix — one can go on and on about this, but where is Pink Floyd? Sting? Or Metallica? At least Queen?

John Lennon deservedly gets two mentions. I even heard a cry that Bryan Adams was not there. Don’t mind, but Bryan who?