Business of Education

Carrying on a discussion over lunch table with Rama. He is a design student doing his thesis in our group. The point of discussion was about the quality of the design students that come out of institutes like NID which by legacy itself is seen as the face of design education in India.

The number of student intake has increased many a fold in the design institutes over the past few years. One reason for that is the “seeming” requirement from the industry, they seem to be appreciating design skills now (for a change?).

Many of the schools have tie up with industries. This, in a way is very helpful for the schools who are left to raise their own funds. But my point of debate was that the industry can influence the school management on the decision on the “character” of the design school, or in a rare case a design movement.

And the practical stand point of institutes like NID is to have more students in new and different streams but the same staff to teach them. Plain mathematics of profit as the fees are much hiked up now. Education sadly has become a business, just like the industries that are supporting it!

IMO, the character of the designer is built by teaching with the agenda of having no agenda. Business has no role to play here, but to support education, unselfishly.