Business and Blessings

Often people think that business is about money. I thought so too. But there are a few that are not just about making money.

We all know that a good restaurant makes 100% profit. But look at the other side: you feed people what they like and when they are hungry, and get paid for it. If you feed a hungry man, you get blessings. So shouldnt restaurant business give you more blessings than say, software business?

There are a few others, jobs mostly– teaching is one. Ever wondered where your school teacher who taught you logic would be right now? You often remember your teachers than the manager who gave you the pay check in your second organization, dont you?

I tell my current manager that if I were to start something, I will teach people to become good designers. I have been dolling out fish for a long time now. “Teach ’em to fish, aint that the right thing to do?”. But I always come back to the restaurant business. May be I want those blessings. Or may be I just love food.