Bollywood’s only original idea

I was reading about the storyline of Sanjay Dutt-Aishwarya-Zayed Khan starrer Shabdh and it sounded startlingly similar to the story of a Malayalam movie from early 80’s called Rachana (Creation). Looks like copying is Bollywood’s only original idea 🙂

Rachana was about a middle aged writer with a writer’s block, researching suitable subjects for his next novel. When his wife tells him about this naive young man in her team who is attracted to her, he asks her to play along as idea for his new novel. She reluctantly agrees and shows affection towards the young man.

One day she invites him to her house for dinner. After the dinner, while the young man waits in the bedroom, she introduces him to her husband, the writer. The young man is devastated; The writer is thrilled by the reaction while the wife is upset. The situation takes a nasty twist when the young man commits suicide. The wife becomes a mental patient when she hears about the death. In fact, the movie begins from the scene where doctors write off her case as not curable.

Rachana, written and directed by Mohan became a super hit and triggered a series of touchy, real life movies in Malayalam. I dont know for sure if Shabdh would go the same way; especially since it has been poorly rated in reviews, and more so because the wooden Rai is acting it (Rai? What a stupid choice for a role with such potential; Srividya won the best actress award for her role in the original). I am tempted to check the movie out, but Ash is a deterrent factor — I just cannot stand her acting ‘skills’, if there was/is any.

  • Anonymous

    Firstly, once again. My point of views differ with you but not on this Shabd and Rachana, But telling Bollywood’d only orginal is copying i don’t agree because our all of filmmakers don’t copy and and because some of them copy, U cannot blame the whole industry, You can see that we have good films like Koi Mil Gaya (not a copy but inspired), Mughal-E-Azam, MunnaBhai MBBS, and Main Hoon Na, Ab Tak Chappan, Yes but I do agree that most of industry make remakes or copies but not all atleast so next time please don’t blame the whole Industry. its my request. I don’t want to foreigners say that our people regret our own films. And SWADES WAS A VERY GOOD FILM

  • Sinoj Mullangath

    I didnt say Hindi film industry. I specifically said, Bollywood. Isnt that itself a copy? If you had said ‘Saransh’ or ‘Ijazzat’ I would have agreed, but if ‘Main Hoon Na’ is a benchmark good film for you, I rest my case.

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