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Sweet One

Caramel is made by first time film maker, Nadine, who is also the lead actress/ co-writer. Given the premise — beauty parlour run by female friends — this film is a serious stunner. Can perhaps be called the best women movie of the last year. It is a light comedy set in Lebanon. Craft of the film is very European but have very touchy cultural sub plots/ character studies. The neo-noir frames and the light story line gives a nice contrast to the viewing experience. Highly recommended.


Ashes to Ashes

I admit, I like to see Australians’ – especially Ricky Ponting’s – long drawn faces when they get beaten. Does a lot of good for their inflated egos. It may not be as exciting as the 2005 win, but England winning 2009 ashes *is* something to cheer about. And my quota of cricket for this year is done with. The rest of the mela can continue. Thank you very much 🙂

Style by John Mayer

John Mayer got his new $3m 2500 sqft NYC pad decorated by none other than Giorgio Armani! Gives him the right to define style? Sure does. “After I finally figured out how to behave, and how to dress, I wanted to get the next thing—my apartment—right. It’s the last piece of the style puzzle.”


The secret

Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old – Franz Kafka


Trend Directories

I have been spending hours and hours on LivingEtc, DesignSponge, ApartmentTherapy, DesireToInspire in the past few months. All brilliant blogs on design and style, inspiring a whole bunch of folks who love modernism. But one thing that these sites largely miss is design for outdoors. I am yet to find a dedicated blog on outdoors, but Trendir has a rich section on outdoors. And some of the best bathroom pics on the net.

What I liked about the brilliant galleries at LivingEtc is that they show only a few lead photos, than a flood of pictures that leaves nothing left to imagination, like AT. Some may want to see all and see the obvious as well, but I like the ‘teasing’ nature of LivingEtc. Exercise your imagination!


Knowing Cage

It must be recession. Nicolas Cage is in big trouble. He needs a lot of money, and just acts in any movie that gets him his paycheck. If Leaving Las Vegas was iconic, all his recent ones – treasures, paycheck (how apt!), seeing future, and now this one, seeing future disasters, all are bordering silliness and boredom.

Actually, they are pretty good for cheap thrills. Knowing has some build up, but then the core story changes track midway and it becomes “The day earth stood still”. In the end, much of the movie seems a waste of time. And it is a 2.5 hour movie. Then of course the US angle to everything, and vague explanations.

I think it started off as a nice idea, but the director couldnt get to close it well. Reco? Strictly once over, if you have nothing else to do.


Moved Back Here

I have finally moved my WordPress entries (back) into Blogger. I used wordpress2blogger tool, and had to do some tweaks to avoid overwriting. I am still fixing the “labels vs categories” issue manually, but I totally recommend this tool. Thank you, whoever-that-made-this-tool!


Revolutionary Road

Remember, American Beauty? We all took the trip down the lane with Lester, didnt we? From the same director, Sam Mendis, here comes the female version of Lester. At some level, they have the same elements and characters. And almost matching up with the former for brilliance.

Wifey Kate Winslet is superb in this dark and disturbing movie. She won the Globe best actress for this role, a bit too hysterical for me, though. What I really loved was Michael Shannon’s role/ performance in this film. Actually, the movie is about his character’s reading of the world.

Such brief acts — Viola Davis’s single scene in Doubt got her an Oscar nomination in supporting category — are getting good recognition. But for a few exceptions (like Hopkins winning best actor for his 16 min role in Silence Of The Lambs), screen time always used to be a criteria for serious recognition. Things are changing for good, I hope.