Being …what?

Saif’s performance is rather meek in Being Cyrus, and I cannot understand why this is being claimed as path breaking performance of his career (His best so far was in Ek Haseena Thi). Yes, it is different from the normal fair, some characters are well developed but the direction was just OK. Dimple’s character was utter chaos, not controlled at all. Irani’s role was a little stretched, while Naseer’s wasn’t developed well.

The plot is non-existent till half way into the movie and you begin to wonder if the movie is going anywhere. I think what let the movie down is the pace of dialogue delivery and hence the storyline. You have to put them together later to figure out stuff, esp. the fact that this is a thriller/mystery. That too only when the murders happen, out of the blue.

I would call it a good attempt, but quite boring. Exact opposite to Rang De Basanti, which was quite a bad attempt, but wasn’t boring. But both movies leave you with, “oh? so? what?” at the end. I would still give it a 3/5, just for the background score.

  • kala

    Hey very true evn i feel tht ek hasina thi had a much better performance apart from Omkarra ofccourse..

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