Being Humble

Gautam Gambhir, playing only in his second test was notout on 85 when play ended yesterday. When asked about the approaching milestone of a 100, he told the media that he will dedicate it to his nani – grand mother.

I thought, isn’t he talking too soon? He is playing only his third inning. His first two were completely forgettable. Talking big boosts your confidence, but I thought this was being over confident. (Learned from roommate Sehwag, perhaps?) I didnt pray to God to teach him a lesson, but he got one alright – he got out at 96. Hope it teaches him to be humble.

Be humble, guys – Think high. But talk low, so that the fall is tolerable.

‘Fly low, so that the fall is tolerable’ is a quote from Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull

  • Anonymous

    A man is caught in a traffic jam, when suddenly

    someone taps on the window of his car.

    He lowers the window and asks what the other wants.

    The man outside says “The Indian Cricket Team has been kidnapped and

    the ransom is 50 million dollars. If the ransom is not paid, the kidnappers have

    threatened to douse the Team with Petrol and set them on fire. We are

    taking up a collection. Do you wish to contribute?

    The man in the car asks, “On an average what are people donating?”

    The other man replies “About 5 to 10 litres….!!”

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