Automagazine Mafia

Was reading Autocar yesterday. There is a history of Renault in it, and how safe they are. This Renault saga of it being the safest car is so much like the Shilpa Shetty episode. The news is carefully planned and paid for. But if you overdo that wont people get suspicious? Doesnt appear so. The full page launch advts are based on the theme safety. And every story about Logan in any magazine just out of context talk about the history of safe cars from Renault. 

But I dont see ONE magazine refering to the EuroNCAP crash test reports on Dacia Logan, where it failed to pass external safety tests, and got average rating for passengers. And it is a known fact that manufacturers shave the extra safety features off the car before selling in India. So imagine the crash test rating of the Logan without the airbag and those impact beams. Pathetic. But no one has said anything about it. Isnt the silence so obvious?

PS: I had great faith and used to promote BS Motoring, till they anounced the 2007 COTY as Chevy U-VA. Most of the mags and awards are backed by auto companies, but I thought BSM was not. It is obvious that GM paid thru their nose to get the U-VA launched just before the COTY deadline and get the best car award. U-VA is not bad car, but if you look at the other finalists you know why I am so upset.