And the Oscar went to…

The ‘blue eyed boy’ getting nominated for best actor should have given an indication of things to come. I knew it was possible, but was sure of it when Aviator took the first 4-5 categories. But I am very sad that Marty lost out on both the director & picture categories.

Well, directing two Oscar winning roles deserves a best director Oscar, but the movie as a whole didn’t work uniformly as a flawlessly directed movie should. The Aviator deserved the best picture, no matter whose eyes were blue.

The second biggest Oscar loss IMHO, after Martin Scorsese, was for Clive Owen in Closer.

And the pick of the Oscar winners were for the screenplays. I knew they deserved it, and hoped they would win, but it was great to see Sideways and Eternal SOTSM winning screenplay categories.