680/0 declared

Indian bowlers looked helpless when Pakistan scored 650+ runs at 4.5 run per over. Especially when Afridi and Akmal were toying with the bowling during their partnership of 170 runs off 21 overs! And they said it demoralized the Indian players. Well, did it?

I didnt see any trace of it as India piled up 400+ runs at 5.5 runs per over without losing a *single* wicket! Sehwag is closing in on his record score and I hope my prediction when the Indian innings started (of him scoring 270) is proved wrong and he goes on to bat the whole of the last day. That is sufficient for him to break all the existing batting records. And the intermittent rains are giving him sufficient rest. It is all working in our favor. So Veeru, go for it.

IMO, this make shift opening partnership has already defined the series. Oh, just so we won’t forget, the highest ever opening score is just 10 runs away. I am seeing 680/0 declared on the wall.

PS: Guess who is taking the most bathroom breaks in Lahore? Ganguly. He is probably crying his heart out for refusing to open the innings.

  • Sinoj Mullangath

    First the bad light, then the rain, and the Sehwag spoiled the day. Sehwag was quoted in the press as “eyeing Lara’s 400”. I remember him talking about the possibility of him scoring a 200 in ODIs immediately after his triple against Pakistan. He went on to hit a lean patch in ODIs after that. This knock of 254 was indeed awesome, but cant help saying this – When will he learn to be humble? And stop opening his big mouth only to put his foot in?

  • Aniket Anikhindi

    you see.. it does not help changing “a part” of the attitude and still expect everything about the individual remaining constant. we are not speaking of machines here where you have all other parameters constant and you can vary one to see the effect.

    i do agree to your point, i don’t want to say you are wrong. but let Sehwag be Sehwag. only then can he play the way he does. foot in mouth does not make a difference to him. it makes a difference to you and me. so simply putting – why care? the more he is himself, we will get to see the ‘raw, unleashed power’. in the process, records, if broken, will be just an icing on the cake. it doesnt matter if you blurt. IMHO.

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